2019 Tree Climbers Rendezvous

Location and Lodging information

The Redwood River Resort in Legget, CA

This is a beautiful part of the California coastline, with a lot to do in the area for family members and climbers. There’s an indoor bar area and a large room where we will gather to organize organically grown activities and workshops as well as eat our meals.

The Redwood River Resort offers a fantastic opportunity not only to climb a dozen or more old growth redwoods, it also sports comfortable accommodations, bar, the magnificent Eel River, trails, and games. Check out their website: redwoodriverresort.com and many more pictures at their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RedwoodRiverResort/

All efforts have been made to keep costs to a minimum so that we can offer this rendezvous to all interested climbers. (Gene is making zero profit on this event.) The entire resort has been reserved, which includes many camping spots necessary to access the trees. Please contact Gene if you need to set up a payment plan–we want you to come!

The facility can accommodate 60-70 in the cabins and lodge, so please register early to reserve your spot. Once payment is received, each person or couple will be assigned to a bed. Let Gene know if you have special needs or requests and he will do his very best to accommodate. Remember to bring earplugs if you are sensitive to noise, i.e., possible snorers. Please keep in mind that single occupancy in a room is not likely to be an option. If you absolutely must have your own space, camping is available. Otherwise, there are two nearby motels in Leggett and Garberville, but please be aware that if you are offered accommodations and choose a motel instead that the overall cost of the rendezvous will remain the same—UNLESS we fill up all spaces, in which case camping fee option will apply.


Cabins and lodge rooms accommodate 2-6 people, each with their own full bathroom, kitchenette, and bed linens provided. If you are a couple, you will be assigned together in a king or queen bed. If you are single, you will be assigned to a single bed, a (comfortable!) bunk, or a futon. If there are other attendees with whom you would like to share your space, let me know and I’ll do my best. Tent camping is also an option.

NOTE: If anyone is staying at the Redwood River Resort prior to the 13th and will like to stay in the same room, please contact Gene. He will try to keep you in the same room though most likely you will need to move to a new room, as spaces will have been previously assigned.

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