2018 Tree Climbers Rendezvous

Location : Cordillera de Talamanca Cloud Forest – Costa Rica

The location of the 2018 Tree Climbers Rendezvous will be in the high elevation cloud forest in the Talamanca Mountain Range in a virgin oak forest that is part of the largest protected natural zone of Central America.  This area, which includes parts of both Costa Rica and Panama, has been designated a World Heritage Site.

The large native oaks grow to a height of 70 meters and rival the largest lowland tropical trees in size.  The range is home for many endemic plants and animals and is habitat for five species of big cats:  pumas, ocelots, margays, jaguars and jaguarundis.  There are 600 species of birds including the three-wattled bellbird, bare-necked umbrella bird and resplendent quetzal.   The quetzal is generally considered the most spectacular bird of the Americas and there will be good opportunities to observe and photograph them.   


We will stay at the Savegre Nature Reserve in a very comfortable and pleasant lodge owned and operated by the Chavez family, a local family who were the original settlers in this area.  They recognized the importance of conserving this unique beautiful forest and the role of eco-tourism to make this happen.

Optional activities at this location include a nearby zipline, horseback riding, a waterfall hike,  and a visit to the spa.


Beyond Savegre

Pre and Post Rendezvous trip excursions will give you a chance to explore even more cultural and natural treasures of Costa Rica .

From the Pacific Coast to the Carribbean coast to the rivers, canyons, and volcanos in between, our pre and post trip options include a vast variety of activities and ecosystems.

And off course more tree climbing and enjoying Costa Rica’s world famous rainforests.


If you have any questions about the Tree Climbers Rendezvous, please contact us.