2018 Tree Climbers Rendezvous


Packing List and Travel Info

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Costa Rica Suggested Packing List

Passport in a zip lock bag and a copy of passport and credit card carried separately. US citizens do not need a visa. There are no required vaccinations and a low risk of infectious diseases. See https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/costa-rica for recommendations.

Money: you do not need to exchange money, pretty much everybody will accept dollars, bring a moderate amount in small bills.

Phone: If you need a working phone during the trip I suggest an international general or country specific plan with your carrier. It is also possible to buy a pre-paid SIM card with a local number. Costa Rica has generally surprising good cell coverage. There will be wireless internet at most locations.

Toiletries, Sun screen, Insect Spray, Medication, anti-diarrhea, pain relief, itch relief, Personal First aid kit, Epi-pen if known allergy to insect stings.

Extra pair of any prescription or reading glasses



Flash light and/or headlamp,

Water bottle, stay hydrated!

Light hiking and climbing boots and/or comfortable rain boots. Rainboots provide some protection against snake and other bites and are good for muddy trails and crossing small streams.

Sandals and/or light slip-ons shoes

Mesh bag for dirty clothes. The lodges have laundry service. If you plan to wash yourself, bring small bags of biodegradable soap.

Swim wear, mini-towel

Long pants, I suggest 3 pairs of light material that can take a beating. Long pants are preferred for climbing and hiking.

Shorts (or maybe your long pants are zip-offs)

Shirts, T-shirts, underwear, socks etc. for the duration considering there are laundry opportunities, typically several changes of clothes in a day after hiking and climbing especially in the lowland heat.

Sweater and light jacket/ windbreaker for the mountains

Rain gear: rain is likely, an afternoon shower is more common than all day rain. I bring light rain gear for the mountains, in the lowlands a poncho or umbrella is better for hiking in the rain.

Hat with all around brim

Small backpack for day hikes

Climbing Gear:

(We have gear to loan. Details about this will be emailed to you)




Rope, (150 feet is adequate), cambium saver, preferred climbing system for SRT

Whistle, gloves,

Carabiners, throw lines with throw bag


PDF Version

The Guides

The Rendezvous will be led by an experienced team of tree climbers and ecology specialists. Their knowledge and attention to your safety and enjoyment will help make your Costa Rica trip an extraordinary experience.