2018 Tree Climbers Rendezvous



Dr. Donald Perry

Dr. Donald Perry

Evolutionary biologist, writer and photographer

“The Evolution of Climbing Techniques for Canopy Research” and “From Dinosaurs to You. Climbing is Why Large Brains Evolved.”

Don Perry pioneered technical climbing for canopy research and he developed the zip line to study the rain forest canopy. He is the author of the book “Life above the Jungle Floor” and “The Descent”. His work has appeared on the covers of Scientific American, Smithsonian, and the New York Sunday Times magazines and has been featured in numerous publications and documentaries worldwide

Visit Dr. Perry’s Website: Canopy Evolution

Carlos Roberto Chavarria

Carlos Roberto Chavarria

General Manager of Costa Rica Rainforest Experience - Academic and Educational Programs

“Conservation in Costa Rica: Looking at Biodiversity as an Engine for Development” 

Visit Carlos Roberto Chavarria’s Website: Costa Rica Rainforest Experience

Dr. Bernal Rodriguez Herrera

Dr. Bernal Rodriguez Herrera

Professor at the University of Costa Rica, Academic and Research Director of the Tirimbina Biological Reserve, Founder and President of the Costa Rican Conservation Bat Programme

“Scientific Research in the Tropical Canopy”

Visit Tirimbina Biological Reserve’s Website

Learn more about Dr. Rodriguez Herrera’s work with bats


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